About Arduino Remote Lab

BackgroundArduino Remote Lab was developed originally at the Hellenic Open University (HOU) in 2011, as part of the final year thesis of Mr Anastasios Spiliopoulos, at that time undergraduate student of Computer Science, under the supervision of Dr Vassilis Fotopoulos. A major redesign took place in 2015 by Mr Anastasios Spiliopoulos using modern web technologies and introducing new functionalities. Since 2011 the system is hosted by the Digital Systems and Media Computing (DSMC) Laboratory of the HOU, headed currently by Assistant Prof. Theofanis Orphanoudakis.

Technologies UsedArduino Remote Lab has been developed using modern web technologies and completely free and open source software (e.g. , , , ). Even the accompanying software of the Arduino board that is used for compiling the code and programming the board is published as open source.

Blended Learning Courses & SupportArduino Remote Lab was used in the two blended learning courses on microcontrollers organised by the DSMC Laboratory of HOU with the support of the ΙΕΕΕ Circuits and Systems Society in 2011 and 2012. You can also read the corresponding references in IEEE Region 8 News March 2012 Page 11 and IEEE Region 8 News August 2013 Page 12. It was also used in the Open Hardware for High Schools program organised by the DSMC Laboratory with the support of the Google Computer Science for High School program in 2015.

PublicationsV. Fotopoulos, A. I. Spiliopoulos and A. Fanariotis, "Preparing a remote conducted course for microcontrollers based on Arduino," in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning (ICODL 2013), Athens, Greece, November 2013. Paper Presentation

International CollaborationsDSMC Laboratory formed an informal collaboration with the Romanian partner of the project "Cloud services for E-learning in Mechatronics Technologies (CLEM)". We are also mentioned in the conference paper and article that resulted from the CLEM project. CLEM Project Final Report (see section 4.3) CLEM Conference Paper (see section 4.C, section Acknowledgments and References) CLEM Article (see section 2, section Acknowledgments and References)